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Female guard in ICU after suffering stroke

Pe­o­la Bap­tiste, the fe­male se­cu­ri­ty guard who sur­vived the Pen­ny­wise Plaza heist, has suf­fered a stroke and is now ward­ed at the In­ten­sive Care Unit. 

Since her daugh­ters Di­an­na and Makin­ni Welling­ton ap­pealed for blood, sev­er­al donors, in­clud­ing two from the Hunters Search and Res­cue Team, have stepped for­ward to give blood. 

Speak­ing to Guardian Me­dia, Makin­ni thanked the donors and the rest of the coun­try who have been ral­ly­ing around her fam­i­ly. 

“We are grate­ful and we want you to con­tin­ue pray­ing for her,” Makin­ni said. She ex­plained that Bap­tiste, 57, un­der­went emer­gency surgery af­ter suf­fer­ing the stroke. 

“We were told that if her con­di­tion wors­ened af­ter the stroke they would have had to rush her to emer­gency surgery and if not it would have been card­ed for to­day pro­vid­ing that she gets the clear­ance from the head doc­tor,” Maki­ni said. 

She added: “It turned out that her con­di­tion wors­ened a bit and the surgery was done last night we wait­ed about three or four hours and the surgery was com­plet­ed.” 

Maki­ni said her moth­er re­mains un­re­spon­sive and in­tu­bat­ed. 

She is not breath­ing on her own but she is sta­ble. She is in the ICU but not on a bed. They are con­tin­u­ing to se­date her un­til she gets a bed. We hope and pray that she wakes on her own,” Maki­ni said. 

 Even though things looked bleak, Maki­ni said they were hold­ing strong as a fam­i­ly and hop­ing for the best. 

“The surgery was suc­cess­ful but for now, any­thing could go wrong. Every­thing will be good by God’s grace. At least for now she is sta­ble,” Maki­ni said. 

Bap­tiste, who worked with Al­lied Se­cu­ri­ty Lim­it­ed was one the lone sur­vivor when six gun­men opened fire on their Mit­subishi van as they con­duct­ed cash-in-tran­sit du­ties at Pen­ny­wise Plaza in La Ro­maine. 

Bap­tiste had been sit­ting in the back while the two col­leagues Jef­frey Pe­ters and Jer­ry Stu­art were sit­ting in front when they were in­ter­cept­ed and am­bushed with a hail of gun­fire from the rob­bers who car­ried AR-15s sub-ma­chine guns. Pe­ters died on the spot while Stu­art died on the way to the San Fer­nan­do Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal. The thieves grabbed two bags, not know­ing it was filled with cheques and made off in a get­away car. They then torched the car, hi­jacked pass­ing mo­torists and then fled to Jones Street, through a short­cut be­fore be­ing killed by po­lice as they hid un­der a house owned by a re­tired pro­ba­tion of­fi­cer. 

Since the or­deal, La Ro­maine res­i­dents have been ter­ri­fied. Act­ing Po­lice Com­mis­sion­er Mc­Don­ald Ja­cob has or­ga­nized staff from the Vic­tim and Wit­ness Sup­port